Man Slaps Woman In Wheelchair On Live TV (Video)


An unidentified man was filmed slapping an elderly woman in the face during a live TV news report in Phoenix on July 11 (video below).

KPNX reports that viewers called the station after witnessing the incident, which took place behind reporter Joe Dana.

A cop was nearby and arrested the man, according to the Phoenix Police Department.

It's not clear what the relationship is between the man and woman, but she was transported to her home by the Phoenix Fire Department.

In more TV news, two black reporters were recently arrested in Rochester, New York, while covering a Black Lives Matter protest, notes

Carlet Cleare and Justin Carter, reporters for WHAM News, were both handcuffed by the cops and marched off.

In a surreal moment, Cleare covered Carter's arrest: "Justin Carter is being arrested, being arrested. Justin! Justin! I'm going to try, that's my co-worker, Justin Carter."

Cleare later tweeted that both she and Carter were released by police, and they received an apology from the mayor and the police chief; it's not clear why the reporters were arrested for covering the protest.

Three journalists were arrested in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, on July 12 while covering a similar protest.

According to WAFB, the station's assistant news director Chris Slaughter was arrested while producing a live report outside of the Baton Rouge Police Department.

Slaughter was filming a Facebook Live piece while wearing a station shirt and his media credentials when the cops took him away.

Slaughter was getting footage of cops standing across the highway from some protestors when he put one foot on the highway to get a better shot.

That's when he got arrested by police for obstruction of a highway. Ironically, the police crossed the highway to arrest him.

"Chris Slaughter is a dedicated journalist who has worked tirelessly to report on this historic event," WAFB News Director Robb Hays stated.

Lee Stranahan of Breitbart News and Ryan Kailath of WWNO were reportedly arrested and charged with obstruction of a highway, as well.

Sources: KPNX,,  WAFB / Photo credit: KPNX via YouTube

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