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Man Slaps Woman On Bus After She Calls Him The N-Word (Video)

Cellphone video (below) shows a confrontation between a black man and a white woman, in which the man slaps the woman after she called him the N-word four times. 

The video shows a white woman dressed in sweats, sitting on a bus and taunting a black passenger, according to the Daily Mail. The incident is believed to have taken place somewhere in the U.S. It appears as if a fellow bus passenger began filming during the middle of a heated exchange.

 "All that s*** you were saying on the bus," he begins, to which she replies: "I don't give a f***."

The man then jumps out of his seat and asks the bus driver to pull over. The woman continues to goad him, calling him the N-word.

"Mind your mouth cuz," he says. "Say it one more time, say it one more time."

The threats don't seem to bother the woman, who continues to use the word.

"You're missing your stop, n*****!" she exclaims, laughing.

The man, enraged, asks the bus driver to pull over immediately. Silently, the driver complies. 

As he leaves, the woman yells: "Goodbye, n*****!"

Once again the man threatens her, daring her to "say it one more time." 

The bus doors open, and as he exits the vehicle, he slaps the woman across the face. The woman clutches her face in pain and begins moaning. 

The passenger filming the video begins laughing, saying that she shouldn't "have called him a n*****."

According to the African American Registry, a nonprofit educational organization, the N-word alone is intrinsically racist.

"The word carries with it much of the hatred and disgust directed toward Black Africans and African Americans," the site explains. "Historically, [the N-word] defined, limited, made fun of, and ridiculed all Blacks. It was a term of exclusion, a verbal reason for discrimination. Whether used as a noun, verb, or adjective, it strengthened the stereotype of the lazy, stupid, dirty, worthless nobody. No other American surname carries as much purposeful cruelty."

The video has gone viral, and has garnered 3.3 million views in 10 days on Facebook. Many users defended the man's actions, saying the woman was incredibly racist and disrespectful.

"The woman is saying this only out of pure ignorance and because it's hurtful but shame on you in 2017," one person wrote. "What an ignorant disgrace of a human."

Others said that the man had no right to slap the woman, no matter what she was saying.

WARNING: This video contains strong language and racial slurs.

Sources: Daily Mail, The African American Registry / Photo credit: Miki Yoshihito/Flickr

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