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Man Sees 'Woman Beater' Put His Hands On Young Lady, Takes Swift Action (Video)

A video shot in a Waffle House is making its way around the Internet. A man allegedly put his hands on a woman in the restaurant, and a much larger man confronted him for his actions. 

“You touch her again, and you will be my [expletive] breakfast!” the large man shouted at the alleged “woman beater.” He continued, “So shut the [expletive] up so we can eat!” 

The large man grew physically aggressive when the other patron talked back to him. He grabbed the man’s shirt and asked, “What are you going to do to me?”

He warned the patron, “You touch her one more time, you touch her one more (expletive) time…”

The larger man’s friends talked him down, and apparently no one was hurt during the incident. The Blaze reported it's currently unknown when and where the video was taken, but the original poster uses the name "Tomy Hazard."

Source: The Blaze / Image via YouTube


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