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Man Sees Elderly Woman’s Wheelchair Break Down, Decides It’s A Perfect Opportunity


Although America seems to be going crazy these days, the country is still home to some good folks. But few people proved just how good as the ones down in Smyrna, Georgia. On Sunday, Bilal Quintyne went to a church, which he had never before attended, and listened to the pastoring praising him, blessing him, and calling for God to shower him in gifts and goodness – and the reason why was simple.

Quintyne, who is an amateur boxer, and not often a religious man, was training for a fight. The 24-year-old was out for a run while he noticed something that he could not abide. An older woman, who was in a wheelchair, had gotten stuck. She simply could not move it. Although other people were around, no one seemed willing to help the woman during her moment of need.


That’s when Quintyne, driven by his own desire to help, came over to the woman and checked in with her.

“She kind of had a blank look,” he said. “I just asked her, ‘Are you okay?’”

The woman happened to be 67-year-old Belinda Whitaker. There was an easy explanation for the look of pure exhaustion on her face. She had been stuck in this spot for the last 45 minutes. Although she was within steps of a church and a car wash, no one had stopped to check on her after her wheelchair motor died. Only one person had stopped to help her back into her wheelchair after she was thrown out of it when the motor died.

The woman had a simple request for the young boxer. She wanted to know if he’d use his cellphone to call someone to come help her. But Quintyne did her one better.

“I’ll do you one better,” he said. “God blessed me with an able body. I’ll push you home.”

The elderly woman was skeptical. But for the young boxer, he loved the idea of the challenge. He was out for a training run anyway, so this would just make his workout even tougher.

“Yeah, sure, he says that, but after he gets going he’s going to say, ‘This is too much for me,’” Whitaker said.

But as the young man got going, he proved he was a man of his word. Whitaker was impressed. Her home was a thirty-minute walk away. That was going to be tough for the young boxer. But along the way, Quintyne’s trainer, Tony Willingham, drove up and started filming the Good Samaritan.

“He just said he was taking her home,” Willingham said. “He just does stuff like that. That’s who that kid is.”

When Quintyne achieved the goal, he was sweating. It was a tough job after all. But the video was posted to Facebook, and the amateur boxer got the attention he deserved. It went viral. Now everyone is talking about him. He got invited to Whitaker’s church, and the pastor gave him an award.

“They gave me a plaque,” Quintyne said. “The pastor said, ‘That’s what it’s about, taking care of your community. Not just sitting there and talking about God, but going out and practicing what you preach.’”

Sources: The Washington Post / Photo Credit: Post Image

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