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Man Says Secret Food Gave Him Super Long Eyelashes

A 58-year-old Ukrainian man plans to trim his extra long eyelashes that suddenly grew after he ingested a particular food, but, first, he’s submitting himself to the Guinness Book of World Records.

According to reports, Valery Smagliy of Kiev, Ukraine, plans to have his long eyelashes measured and sent to the Guinness Book of World Records before finally chopping them off. Smagliy claims that his eyelashes quickly and suddenly grew after eating a particular food that he declined to name.

“I started eating something and noticed that my eyelashes really started growing quickly at the same time,” Smagliy said, according to The Daily Mirror. “I'm thinking of marketing it so I'm not giving away the secret of what it is.”

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Smagliy says he knew he had something special when he started getting praise from women, most of whom were jealous of the 58-year-old’s long lashes.

“Whether it's man or woman, most people don't seem to pay much attention when I'm talking to them because they're always looking at my eyelashes,” Smagliy explained. “Women would stop me in the street and ask me what the secret was, they can see that they are real and not fake. But to be honest they are just heavy now and my eyelids are getting sore. And it's also difficult to see properly with huge grey eyelashes in front of my eye.”

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The current world record for longest eyelash remains at 2.75 inches and is held by U.S. resident Stuart Miller of Florida, and while Smagliy realizes he may not beat the current world record, he would be happy simply setting the record in Europe.

“I suppose I could go for the world record, but to be honest what's the point?” Smagliy said. “I prefer to be able to see better and I plan to get them cut in a professional salon so I reckon they will still look pretty good afterwards.”

Sources: Daily Mail, The Daily Mirror / Photo Sources: Daily Mail, The Daily Mirror 


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