Canadian Man Creates Revenge Website To 'Destroy' Ex-Wife


A Canadian man created a revenge website devoted to ruining his ex-wife’s life.

Desiree Capuano says she was alerted by a co-worker to a site made in her name after the link was emailed to all of her contacts on LinkedIn.

The site accuses Capuano of being a druggie, a white supremacist, a child abuser, and “just an all-around bad person.” It is filled with private photos and personal information.

As soon as Capuano saw the site, she knew who was responsible: her ex-husband, Patrick Fox.  Fox recently changed his name from Richard Riess, she says.

The website includes photos of Desiree with her new boyfriend, a photo of her medical marijuana license, and her mugshot.

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According to Capuano, she’s tried to have the site taken down, but it resurfaces each time she does.

“He’s told everybody he will not stop, all of this will not make him stop,” Capuano told New York Daily News. “There’s no law to tell him he’s got to.” 

Authorities have told Capuano that the site falls under free speech, meaning that there is nothing they can do to stop Fox if he keeps the page up.

“[I promised] I’d devote the rest of my life to doing everything I could, legally of course, to ruin her life and destroy her,” Fox told CBC News.

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An Arizona judge ordered Fox to stop sending Capuano emails in December 2015, but did not say that he had to take down the website.

Fox reportedly told his ex-wife that his goal is to drive her to suicide and that he is using the website to do so.

The couple's intense feud began in 2002 during a custody battle over their son. Fox said that he blames Capuano for taking their son and for having him deported to Canada and says that she “ruined both of our lives.”

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Fox was deported to Canada in 2009. He spent two years in prison after telling the court that he was an American citizen when in fact he was not. 

Fox told his son that he would have “no qualms” about killing his ex-wife if it were legal.

“There is nothing illegal about wanting to harm someone as long as you don’t act on it,” he said.

Sources: CBC NewsNY Daily News / Photo Credit: CBC News

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