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Man Rubs Fire Ant Nest On Genitals, Immediately Regrets His Decision (Video)

A Thailand man has launched what may be the most half-baked internet challenge to date by stripping down to his underwear and rubbing a nest of fire ants on his genitals.

The “red ants challenge” is not for the faint of heart, or anyone with common sense for that matter. A young man in the city of Rayong learned that the hard way and the video of his ambitious attempt was shared on YouTube (video below).

In the video, which was posted by TomoNews Today, our protagonist is seen on a road taking off his clothes.

He removes his shirt with an air of confidence and throws it to the side. He takes off his shorts and swings them in a circular motion with the grace of a seasoned exotic dancer. He throws the shorts over his shoulder and gives the camera a glaring look of determination as if to say, “Don’t worry, I got this.”

But only three seconds after a “friend” unleashes the nest of fire ants into the man’s underwear, our hero begins to shriek. He appears to immediately regret his decision.

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According to the video’s description, this particular breed of fire ants is known for leaving a “sharp pain” when they bite.

Other associates are seen hosing the man down with water as he screams in agony.

Interestingly enough, three vehicles are seen passing by the road and not one of them stopped to lend a helping hand or inquire as to why a naked man is screaming while being hosed down in the middle of the street.

Sources: UPI, Singapore Seen

Photo Credit: Singapore Seen, Screenshot


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