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Man Risks Life To Save Rabbit From California Wildfires (Video)

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A California man fleeing from the wildfires which have ravaged his state became a social media hero after he risked his life to rescue a rabbit from the nearby blaze (video below). 

The man, who remains unidentified, was captured on video chasing the rabbit as it ran into the burning brush on the side of the road. 

As the massive fire burns all around him, the man, only wearing shorts and a hoodie, puts his hands on his head and bounces up and down, seemingly worried the rabbit has run directly into the fire. 

Then the man spots the rabbit again and is able to coax it out of its hiding place. Getting down on his hands and knees, the man is able to grab the rabbit as it passes him. Holding the rabbit close and checking to see if it's OK, the man quickly walks away from the brush, framed against the smoke and the fire's orange light. 

The video ends there, but the man's actions gained immense popularity on social media. An ABC News tweet featuring the footage was posted on Dec. 7 and received more than 236,000 likes in one day. 

"Beautiful human being," wrote one commenter. "If we all treated each other like this man did this rabbit...if we had as much compassion for each other there would be far, far less violence." 

"My heart, my hero," wrote another. "CA is my home state and I'm so beyond saddened and worried for all...including precious wildlife. This man is a true hero & champion for wildlife. I pray he remains safe during the inferno." 

Multiple enormous wildfires have devastated California, destroying hundreds of homes and threatening thousands more, according to The Washington Post. The largest current fire, the Thomas Fire in Ventura County, has burned more than 200 square miles and destroyed 400 buildings.

"Everything is literally burning around you and it's raining ash and ember, and things are just lighting on fire around you and you can't really do much to stop it," Jet Kauffman, a Ventura County resident, told The Post. 

The Thomas Fire is slowly moving toward the city of Santa Barbara, driven by strong winds carrying embers.

California fire crews, firefighters from neighboring states and the California National Guard have worked tirelessly to combat the blazes. 

"Everyone says, 'Yeah, this is the worst,' but it really is the high-water mark for me," Venture County Fire Department Battalion Chief Fred Burris told The Post. "We've never seen a fire with this much speed and range."

Sources: ABC News/Twitter, The Washington Post / Featured Image: John McColgan/U.S. Department of Agriculture via Wikimedia Commons / Embedded Images: ACB7/YouTube

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