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Man Rescues Fawn From Water While Surfing On Outer Banks


A man in North Carolina rescued a fawn from the water after spotting it while surfing.

During a surfing session on the coast of the Outer Banks, Tyler Balak said he spotted something strange in the water. While others feared it might be shark, Balak thought it looked more like driftwood. As he swam closer, however, he quickly realized it had a head and ears.

At first he thought it was a dog, but upon closer inspection he finally realized what he was looking at.

“I yelled, ‘Oh my God, it’s a deer!'” 33-year-old Balak said. He swam out towards the fawn, wrapped his arms around it and swam to shore.

“It was shaking. It was clearly in shock,” he said. “It was definitely going to drown.”

The deer was subsequently taken to Hatteras Island Wildlife Rehabilitation Center in Frisco, North Carolina, and placed in a padded room to recover from the shock. The padded room was necessary, according to Hatteras Island president Lou Browning, because fawns can hurt themselves in captivity.

Sources: Fox 8, Wide Open Spaces / Photo credit:


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