Man Rescues Dogs Stranded In The Desert (Video)


One Los Angeles resident resolved to venture out of his state once a month in order to find himself. During one excursion, he found two abandoned puppies stranded along a desert road and established a new family (video below).

Jordan Kahana is a digital media director who decided to become a monthly journeyman throughout 2016 after feeling that he had become emotionally adrift.

"2015 was not my year and I need to make a change," Kahana said on his Facebook. "I realized that my happiness and the positive energy that I put out revolved around me. So I established this adventuring outside of L.A. at least once a month pretty early on and made moves on it."

The Los Angeles resident pushed himself out of his comfort zone, from asking out his crush and getting turned down to skydiving for the first time. During his experiment of self-discovery, he recorded all of his adventures for posterity.

During one venture, Kahana charted a road trip to Grand Canyon National Park. Making a stop in Phoenix, he drove across an unpopulated expanse of Arizona with not a person in sight.

It was then that Kahana spotted two puppies trotting along in the middle of the highway. Pulling over, he went over to examine the two Border Collie mixes, discovering that they had no collars or any form of identification. Astounded that the two dogs had been abandoned in the desert, presumably doomed if they were left in the elements for much longer, Shareably reports.

"I've always loved dogs," Kahana said, noting that he had come close to adopting a Husky in November 2016.

While the Los Angeles resident ultimately got cold feet about adopting the Husky, he was instantly won over by the two Border Collie mixes as they wagged their tails in the desert heat. Leaving the abandoned pups was not an option, so Kahana decided to bring them along for the ride.

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Placing the exhausted pups into his car, Kahana drove them to the nearest animal hospital, where they received a health screening and deworming. In a delightful twist of fate, the Los Angeles traveler had found two furry companions for his road trip.

"The adventure squad was born!" Kahana said.

The trio visited a series of national parks and drove together across three states until they returned to Los Angeles, where Kahana adopted the two puppies as his own, dubbing them Sedona and Zeus.

It is safe to say that Kahana's 2016 was probably a marked improvement on his 2015.

Sources: Jordan Kahana/FacebookShareably / Photo Credit: Jordan Kahana/Shareably

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