Man Reportedly Videotapes Himself Grabbing Girlfriend's Hair Through Car Window, Hitting The Gas (Video)


A video of a man dragging his girlfriend by her hair from a car has surfaced online.

The footage (below) is believed to have been recorded on a cellphone camera by the man himself, the Daily Mail reported. It was uploaded on LiveLeak on Dec. 28 with the title: “Guy has new way to deal with nagging Girlfriend.”

“This is what you do when people wanna act up,” the man is heard saying in the video. “Pull her hair through the window, roll the window up and hit the gas.”

The unidentified man is heard laughing as the woman screams for him to stop. He continues accelerating down the road for about 18 seconds. The woman is seen struggling to keep up with the vehicle.

“I got 2 daughters , if their boyfriend was dumb enough to post a video like this, they would never find his remains,” one user commented on the video.

Sources: Daily Mail, LiveLeak / Photo Credit: Screenshot/YouTube

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