Man Proudly Destroys Bus Stop Ad For Gay Hook-Up Site (Video)


A man recently had himself filmed while destroying an ad for, a gay hook-up site, at a bus stop (video below).

In the video, the man claims to be a former U.S. marine, identifies himself as a 66-year-old father with nine children whom he doesn't want his to see any "f---- bull---- on the streets of the US of A."

The man insists that he didn't fight for this " s--" on his streets, and claims the ad is "disrespectful."

He hurls a brick at the ad, breaking the glass frame, pulls the ad out and destroys it.

The man later says he will take the (criminal) charge, but is exercising his morals and "motherf------- First Amendment” rights, notes Joe My God.

The video was originally posted on Live Leak where it has over 50,000 views.

Sources: Joe My God, Live Leak / Photo Credit: YouTube Screenshot


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