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'Cheaters Should Know...': Man Posts Google+ Review Of Hotel Where His Wife Had An Affair

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A man left a Google+ review of a hotel that complimented its “luxurious double bed” and “lovely bath,” but it turns out he never even stayed there – he was using the review as a platform to reveal that his wife had an affair with her boss in the very room he was grading.

The man said in his review that his wife and her boss stayed in bed “until almost checkout” and spent time “drinking at the bar and having sex in the lovely bath.”

Unfortunately for the wife, the hotel room was charged to her husband’s credit card and later reimbursed by her company – meaning that both of their names were on the bill.

“All in all a very good place but cheaters should know that the record of their stay is documented in detail,” the man warned. “They also provide copies of bookings and invoices for the entire stay including bar receipts and movie rentals.”

Read the man’s sarcastically pleasant review below.

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