Man Plans Elaborate Fake Marriage Proposal To Get Revenge On Cheating Girlfriend (Video)

A British man came up with an elaborate revenge plan on his cheating girlfriend by carrying out a fake marriage proposal (video below).

The boyfriend uploaded a video to YouTube in which he explains how he discovered his girlfriend was cheating on him, reports Daily Mail. The unnamed man also reveals his detailed plan for the fake proposal he will be carrying out to let his girlfriend know that he’s aware of her affair.

“I know, believe me, I’ve seen all the messages on her phone, all the dirty text messages, all the dirty pictures she’s sent him, whilst out with me, photographing herself in toilets just in her knickers,” the man explains.

The plan begins as his girlfriend arrives home on Nov. 19. She heads up the stairs, which are lined with candles and covered in glitter. 

Once they're upstairs, the man brings his girlfriend a glass of water and reads her a romantic poem.

“Tomorrow night you and I will take a flight, we will float around the Northern Lights, watching the colors shine so bright,” the poem read.

He produces the final pink, heart-shaped card. The note says, “When owls fly and tweet tweet twoo, this is the big question I’m asking you …” As she opens the card, her boyfriend reads the message aloud with her.

“Who the f*** is [this man]?” he asks her.

The boyfriend walks out of the room just as the look on his girlfriend’s face turns into one of absolute horror. 

He leaves the house, drives away, and says to the camera: “And that is how you dump somebody. Busted.”

Check out video of the elaborate revenge prank below.

WARNING: Video contains strong language.

Sources: Daily MailYouTube / Photo credit: Daily Mail

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