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Man Performs Amazing Audition For Miami Heat Dance Team (Video)

Keith Wilson danced against nearly 200 women while competing for a position on the Miami Heat dance team on August 2 (video below).

Wilson performed an amazing freestyle routine, with some of the ladies, to Beyonce's tune, "Run The World (Girls)."

Wilson recently told Local 10, "Dance and that's it. It has no gender, it has no sexuality, it's just dance, it's an art."

When Wilson was shown a video of his audition, he said, "I don't even remember half of these movements."

Wilson also tried out in 2012.

He did not make it to the finalist competition this time, but says the women who beat him out have come to him for help for their final auditions.

“A lot of them didn’t know I could do that,” Wilson told Buzzfeed. “I do believe it was because of my gender, and that the Heat is not ready for a guy right now. In due time they’ll be open to it, though.”

Wilson is hoping to possibly work as a guest choreographer for the Miami Heat, but currently owns and teaches at the Executive Vibes Contemporary Dance Theater.

Sources: Local 10Buzzfeed / Photo Credit: YouTube Screenshot


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