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'Man On The Moon' Christmas Commercial Goes Viral (Video)

A Christmas commercial produced by John Lewis, an online retailer in the UK, has gone viral on the web (video below).

The ad shows a little girl looking through her telescope, spying the mythical man on the moon sitting on a bench, living in a small cabin and walking around on the lunar surface.

She tries to send the lonely-looking man a note to let him know that someone is thinking of him, says the John Lewis website.

The girl tries using a paper airplane and an arrow, but neither way makes it to the moon.

On Christmas, she sends him a present tied to several balloons, which floats up to the moon.

The man unwraps the present, finds a telescope, looks back to earth and sees the little girl looking back at him with her telescope.

According to, the ad is part of campaign that John Lewis did with Age UK to help seniors who may be alone over the holidays.

Sources: John Lewis, / Photo Credit: John Lewis Screenshot


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