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Man Loses 'Judge Judy' Case In 26 Seconds (Video)

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In a video clip from 2010 that went viral (below), a man incriminated himself on national television — leading him to lose his Judge Judy case in a remarkable 26 seconds. 

In the clip, the plaintiff explains that her wallet was stolen along with $50, gift cards, a calculator and an earpiece. 

Suddenly, one of the two defendants interrupts the plaintiff’s claims and attempts to correct her.

“There was no earpiece in there, ma’am,” the defendant said. The court then erupted in laughter, with Judge Judy referring to the defendants as “dumb and dumber.” 

The plaintiff was quickly rewarded $500 for the stolen items, and the case was closed.

Watch the accidental admission below.

Sources: WGNTV, YouTube / Photo credit:


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