Man With Crustacean Phobia Pranked By 'Friends' (Video)


A video of a cruel prank on a man with a phobia of crustaceans is going viral.

A 30-second clip shared to Facebook shows a man bound by duct tape in a bathtub surrounded by lobsters and crabs, of which he is deathly afraid.

The clip comes from a video by YouTube comedy group 4YallEntertainment. The others in the group told their friend, Durran Ferguson, that he would be bound for a comedy video, but he had no clue what he was really in for.

While filming the fake video he thought they were shooting, another member of the group walks into the bathroom with a tray of live lobsters and crabs and begins setting them on the edges of the bathtub.

The man quickly begins screaming loudly, struggling as his hands and legs are tied. His ‘friends’ move the lobsters around in the tub and eventually place one directly on him, causing him to scream even louder.

The video has received mixed reactions, with some saying it is “just a prank,” while others say it’s too cruel to be considered a prank.

Watch the video to see for yourself above.

Sources: Daily MailFacebookYouTube / Photo credit: Daily Mail

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