Man Left Dad's Body In Morgue For Over Year To Collect Pop's Social Security, Pension

Christopher Bunn will be sentenced this week in a bizarre case of larceny.

The Queens, New York, man pleaded guilty in October 2014 to third-degree grand larceny (felony) and petty larceny (misdemeanor) for collecting his dead father's pension and Social Security payments.

While James Bunn's body remained unclaimed in the Nassau County morgue, $7,542 in pension checks and $17,790 in Social Security payments were reportedly transferred electronically to his bank account from February 2010 until April 2011, which his son withdrew, noted Newsday.

Queens District Attorney Richard Brown said in a statement, “The defendant has admitted to receiving his deceased father’s social security and pension payments for well over a year, following his death. Thus robbing the New York pension system and the federal government of tens of thousands of dollars in unlawfully obtained benefits,” noted Breitbart.com.

Bunn was supposed to be sentenced to time served, 6 months, and repayment of the money, but has not paid the full amount, so he may be sentenced to jail time.

Sources: Breitbart.com, Newsday
Image Credit: NIOSH


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