Man Leaves Angry Note After Getting Bike Stolen, Gets Amazing Response (Photos)


A man who thought his bike was stolen left an angry note on the pole where he locked it up, and later received an amazing message in response.

“To the individual who stole my bike previously here: If you have a shred of decency you will return it with a new lock and re-evaluate your life choices,” the cyclist wrote on a piece of paper that he posted to a pole on the side of the street.

Later, another handwritten note was posted underneath the man’s letter that pointed out a more probable reason why his bike was no longer where he left it.

“Hey Bozo, it’s illegal to lock your bike to a handicap pole,” the message read. “Check with the city for your bike. They probably removed it so it would not block a wheelchair accessible van.”

Let's hope the angry cyclist saw the response and realized his mistake. Check out the exchange below. 

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Sources: Metro, LAD Bible

Photo Credit: metro.co.uk, theladbible.com


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