Man Kills A Spider And Gets A Horrifying Surprise (Video)

Australia has a reputation for harboring animals and bugs that belong in nightmares, and a video (below) from Hallett Cove, South Australia, proves that might be true.

A man in the video tries to kill a large wolf spider using a broom, but when he manages to hit the scuttling arachnid, he gets a surprise. Hundreds of baby spiders explode onto the floor. The man reacted with lighthearted amusement and said, “Oh, look at the babies come out of it.” However, a woman in the background reacted by yelling “Ah! Kill it!”

More baby spiders spurted out onto the floor before the man swept them up. Luckily, wolf spiders are not dangerous to humans.

Sources: Daily Mail, Live Science

Image via Moayed Bahajjaj/Flickr


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