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Man Jumps Into Lake During PGA Tournament (Video)

An unidentified man jumped into a lake at the Torrey Pines Golf Course in San Diego during the Farmers Insurance Open on Jan. 27 (video below).

Golfer Harold Varner III filmed the man jumping in the lake, stepping out of the water and trying to elude security guards, notes

Golfweek gave a blow-by-blow commentary of the action:

This fan has some serious moves, getting stopped by an apparent security guard before he could jump in the pond, and then making a swift move to get a leap in there anyway. After the fan got out, there were three guys surrounding him.

Did he give up? Nope. In a swift maneuver, he leaned down to pick up his things and then quickly went into a straight sprint to get by the three men. He then even juked out a fourth guy on his run to freedom.

It all ended unceremoniously, and in a hilarious manner if we’re being honest, with the fan tripping and falling as he sprinted uphill trying to get back inside the ropes.

A San Diego Police Department spokesman said the tournament did not press charges against the man, who was ejected from the golf course, notes The San Diego Union-Tribune.

Teri O’Brien, one of the many witnesses, recalled the incident for the newspaper:

He ceremoniously takes off his jacket, takes his phone out, his watch, empties his pockets. ... Then a security guard starts running at him and they start negotiating, like telling him not to do it. Then he kind of fakes out the security guard and does a cannonball into the water. It was awesome.

When he got out of the water, he grabbed his stuff and started running as fast as he could up the hill, but started losing speed and there were other security guards running down the fairway. So now everybody’s chasing him up the hill. He starts slowing down and they tackle him.

Sources:, The San Diego Union-Tribune, Golfweek, Youtube / Photo Credit: Farmers Insurance Open/Facebook

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