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Stolen Valor?: Disabled Veteran Calls Out Man Wearing Brother's Uniform (Video)

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In a case of alleged stolen valor, a military veteran calls out a fake soldier after the man asked him for a cigarette while standing in his driveway.

Video of the incident (shown below), filmed by the vet, shows the fake soldier explaining that he’d just joined the military.

“What’s up with your boots?” the vet asks. 

“These are my older brother’s. I’m just wearing them,” the uniformed man responds.

“Why are you wearing the uniform?” the vet replied.

The fake soldier then explains that he put the uniform on because it was all he had clean, and that it was his brother’s uniform.

“What does the back of that say?” the vet asks as he points to the back of his own car.

“Disabled veteran,” the man responded.

“Yeah,” the vet responds. “What do you think that means?

“You’re disrespecting the uniform that I wore, that I’ve lost friends in," the vet continues. "And then you have enough nerve to come up to me asking for a cigarette wearing s**t like this? It’s f**king pathetic, dude. Get the f**k out of my face.”

Response to the video was mixed, with some viewers on Reddit arguing that the fake soldier may have been mentally or developmentally disabled.

“I'm a veteran and the way he handled a kid with obvious issues was disgusting,” Redditor Myzery said.

“I spent 6 years in the Army with two COMBAT tours(Iraq/Afghan). I don't approve of the way that guy handled it. The kid is obviously a little slow. If it's some jack ass grown adult trying to look cool, then he deserves an ass chewing for prancing around in a uniform that my friends have died wearing, but this kid has issues,” JHayes88 added. “The guy could have approached him in a different angle that was less pissy, and still got the message through to him. Kid probably has mild autism or something.”

Do you think the veteran responded appropriately? Watch the video below.

Sources: LiveLeak, Reddit

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