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'Nobody Did This For Me': Man Buys Special Olympics Athlete New Shoes (Video)

Jake Kuehl was shopping at a mall in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, with his family on July 20 when he noticed a man staring at a pair of shoes in a store window. The man's own shoes were tattered and torn (video below). 

Kuehl wrote on Facebook: “I caught up with the gentleman and asked him if he liked the shoes he was just looking at. He told me he really liked them, he looks at them every time he's at the mall. I said to him ‘What do you say we go in the store and get them?’”

The man replied that he didn’t have enough money and Kuehl offered to buy them for him. The man, 53-year-old Peter Matter is an  athlete in the  Special Olympics.

"Nobody did this for me, buy me shoes like that," Matter told WEAU News.

Kuehl learned that Matter loves bright colors and helped him pick out a vibrant green pair that would last a while, WEAU reported. Matter said that he plays softball and that having a new pair of shoes would allow him to play better and pain-free. 

Kuehl explained on Facebook that he was sharing his story “…not to brag or pretend that I’ve got a lot of money (because I certainly don’t). It’s to show you that anybody can be generous, anybody can help.”

He added that he hopes other people will be kind to strangers.

Sources: WEAU, Jake Kuehl/Facebook

Photo credit: WEAU, Jake Kuehl/Facebook


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