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Man Has Water Fight With Playful Dolphin (Video)

A man identified as John recently had a playful water fight with a dolphin (video below).

John got sprayed by the dolphin at Dolphin Encounters, a water park in the Bahamas, but would not let it go unanswered, reports Uproxx.

"During a kiss from a dolphin, we could not believe it when the dolphin just kept spitting water back at John," the user who uploaded the video on YouTube noted.

John then sprayed the dolphin back with water, which the dolphin returned in kind.

After the two mammals went at it several times, a park employee broke it up. The dolphin gave John a kiss to make up -- but then sprayed him again.

John didn't take the high road, but went right back at the dolphin with another water spray.

Sources:, YouTube / Photo Credit: YouTube Screenshot

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