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Man Has Phone Snatched Out Of His Hand By Guy Whizzing Past On A Bicycle (Video)

Police in London, England, have released surveillance footage showing what happens when someone is too busy paying attention to their phone to notice what is going on around them. 

Take a look:

In the clip, a man is reportedly texting on his phone and walking down a street at night when three guys on bicycles go whizzing by. Suddenly, the bicyclist closest to the man texting reaches his arm out and grabs the phone right from the man’s hands. The victim attempts to chase after the thief, but it appears that he gets away.

The incident reportedly took place on Jan. 26 in the early evening, and police say they are still looking for the suspect, who they describe as being a white male who, at the time, was wearing a gray hoodie and white track pants.

Doug Blackwood, inspector for the City of London Police, hopes that the newly released footage will encourage people to get off their phones and pay attention.

“We advise the public to be vigilant when using their phone out and about on the street in London,” Blackwood said. “Try not to walk and text at the same time, not only does it put you at risk of injury, the distraction of texting also leaves you vulnerable. If you really need to make a phone call in a public place, try and keep the conversation as brief as possible.”

Sources: Metro UK, The Daily Mirror / Photo Source: Metro UK


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