Man Goes To Dealership For New Car, Notices What Strange Woman Is Doing, Takes Swift Action

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When a young woman appeared at a car dealership, she was excited. It was the first time in her life for her to buy her own vehicle. However, as soon as she realized that the dealership would not trust her to walk away with a car unless she put an arm and a leg down for her down payment. The young woman was extremely disheartened because she needed the car to earn a living.

When the young woman learned that the dealership was not going to sell her the car unless she had the massive down payment, she burst into tears. As a nursing student, she was a dedicated person who really needed the vehicle to lead her life.


Her name is Kayla Cooper, and she left the dealership in tears after hearing the bad news. She wasn’t looking for a luxury car or something that was worth a ton of money. She simply went to the Auto City pre-owned car dealership and sought a regular car out among the aisles of vehicles. But when the dealer took her into the back and started to engage in the high-pressure sales part of their job at the El Cajon, California location, the nursing student quickly learned they were not going to let her get the car unless she put thousands down.

“I came to the car, and I was just crying. I didn’t know what to do,” she told KGTV. She needed the car to get to work and to pay for her classes in nursing school.

While the greedy dealership refused to help her, another customer didn’t want to see a young woman struggle so hard. His name was Dan Laguardia, and he overheard everything that had happened to Kayla Cooper and agreed that it was horrible.

Laguardia was there to trade his Toyota Scion in for a newer vehicle but decided he could do one thing better.

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“When I was doing my transaction, she was like at the table next to me talking to the salesperson, and I could kind of tell she wasn’t getting what she was there for,” he told KGTV.

Instead of trading the Scion in for his own personal gain, he decided he’d give it to Kayla Cooper for free.

“The car had more value to her than it did for me trading it in,” he said. “That gave her a little bit of a jumpstart in life. Which, if everybody did that for everybody else, we’d be in a much better place.”

Sometimes a little help is all a person needs to get ahead. Not everyone has rich parents able to bribe their children’s way through life to ensure their success later on.

Cooper was in shock when Laguardia gave her the car.

“I was shaking because it’s something so unreal. It’s a whole car – how can someone be so generous to give their car away? When you think everything is really gonna come to an end, just wait and be patient because anything is possible.”

Kayla Cooper learned that anything was possible that day.

Sources: People / Photo Credit: Post Image

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