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Man Gets Jail After Calling In Fake Emergencies, Claiming To Be Nicki Minaj

Stephen Brown was recently sentenced to four months in jail by Judge Desmond Marrinan QC for calling Northern Ireland's version of 911 with non-emergencies, which included one fake call as singer Nicki Minaj.

Brown was found guilty of violating an Anti-Social Behavior Order, which previously instructed him not to abuse the emergency call system, notes

On Christmas Day 2014, Brown claimed that he was being threatened in one call, but called back to cancel the first call, and claimed that he was Minaj and had a ghost in his home, reports Belfast Live.

Brown’s lawyer said that he (Brown) suffered from alcoholism and is “his own worst enemy.”

Marrinan said Brown was a "nuisance," and that his fake calls could interfere with someone who really needs help from the police.

Sources:, Belfast Live / Photo Credit: Dyllan/Flickr


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