Man Gets Fed Up With Roommate, Writes List Of Rules (Photos)


What would you do if your roommate wouldn't follow one simple request not to disturb you while you sleep? A frustrated man just wasn't getting that message across, so he came up with a blunt and sarcastic way to clear up any confusion once and for all.

The man posted a photo to Imgur of a list of rules given to his roommate, Brian, after his request was violated. Spelled out on the list in two columns were a collection of possible scenarios that could occur at any time, followed by instructions for what to do should those situations arise. The list started out simply and directly. "I'm sleeping — do not enter my room," the roommate wrote. From there, things got a bit more blunt. 

"You're under the effect of drugs and you feel like entering my room — don't enter my f**king room," one of the rules read. "World War III just started — don't care. Don't enter my f**king room," another stated.

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The list ended with a simple, straightforward exception to the rule. "I'm home, it's daytime, you knocked and I answered 'yes, come in' — you can enter my room."

No word yet on whether Brian has been following the rules.

Sources: Inquisitr, Metro / Photo Credit:,


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