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Watch: Man Forced To Apologize To Elderly Woman He Robbed (Video)

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A man caught robbing an elderly woman was forced to apologize publicly before a crowd of locals chased him away.

Video of the confrontation began as a group of men surrounded the robber as he stood in front of the woman he reportedly robbed. “Apologize!” one angry bystander shouted as he tried to get the robber to admit what he did.

“You know you did it, didn’t you?” the elderly woman said as she confronted her attacker. “It was you. You came behind me.”

As the video continued, the man in question still refused to admit what he did despite apologizing. 

“Apologize for what?” the angry bystander asked.

“I apologize for what I did,” the robber replied. 

After reluctantly acknowledging what he did, the crowd began to chase the man away. As he ran, the robber was hit and shoved multiple times. The entire confrontation lasted roughly two minutes.

Reaction to the incident online was mixed, with some saying that escalating the situation to a physical conflict was too much regardless of what the man did.

“I understand he did wrong but he's an old man so call the cops on him....I DONT agree with all these guys beating up on a [sic] old man,” viewer Janelle Brown said on World Star Hip Hop.

Other viewers commended the crowd that defended the woman for forcing the man to admit his wrongdoing.

“Folks, that is community policing the way it should be done. I can guarantee you he won't be stealing again,” Cycloneous wrote.

Do you think the man learned his lesson about stealing?

Sources: World Star Hip Hop, YouTube

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