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Man With Online Romance Stranded For 10 Days (Photos)

A Dutch man traveled from his home in Holland all the way to China to meet his online girlfriend. He stayed in the airport for 10 full days waiting for her to arrive.

Alexander Pieter Cirk, 41, was stranded at the Changsha Huanghua International Airport for 10 days after flying to China to meet his 26-year-old online girlfriend. 

According to the Shanghaiist, the two met two months prior and hit it off online. Desperate to meet his girlfriend in person, Cirk spontaneously flew nearly 3,000 miles to China.

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When Cirk arrived, his girlfriend was nowhere to be found. He decided to set up camp at the airport while he awaited her arrival. Unfortunately, she still hadn't shown up after 10 days.

To make matters worse, Cirk had to be hospitalized for exhaustion after spending all those days in the airport.

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Before leaving Holland, Cirk sent a photo of his flight information to his girlfriend, but she reportedly says she didn't know what it was. 

"It looked like flight information but he never contacted me after that and I was also waiting online," the woman told the South China Morning Post.

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The 26-year-old said she was unable to meet the man anyway, as she was out of town having cosmetic surgery and needed time to recover.

The woman says she is still interested in having a relationship with Cirk and hopes that he gets back in contact with her.

Sources: ShanghaiistSouth China Morning Post / Photo credit: Shanghaiist 

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