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Man Finds Huge Spider Inside His Ear (Video)

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A man was shocked to discover that the ear pain he’d been having was caused by a large spider that crawled into his ear canal. 

Bruce Branit reportedly began experiencing a painful ear infection after swimming in a Missouri lake. When he decided to investigate, he grabbed his iPhone to get a closer look inside. 

“Swa[m] at Lake of the Ozarks last weekend and got a super painful ear infection, tried to use my phone camera to see if I could see anything ... Found this!” Branit wrote alongside a video of the terrifying moment that the giant spider crawled out of his ear. 

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The spider went back inside the man’s ear as quickly as it emerged.

“I shouldn't have watched this,” one viewer wrote.

“Put a warning on these videos please," another exclaimed. "I'll be sleeping with earplugs now!" 

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Some viewers alleged that the video was fake, saying it is two separate clips edited together.

“The legs returning back into the ear canal is a touch too smooth for real arachnid motion,” one skeptic commented. 

“The movements are way too smooth to be entirely realistic, a bug in real life would be much quicker, but the look of the model itself is incredibly convincing[,] well done,” another added.

Despite the skepticism, spiders have been known to crawl inside people’s ear canals. 

Watch the video of the spider below.

Sources: Daily Mail, YouTube

Photo Credit: Daily Mail


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