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Man Finds His Car Scratched Up, With An Extremely Frustrating Note Attached To It

There are few things in the life of someone who drives a lot that are more frustrating than having someone bump into your car and leave it scratched up. Best case scenario, you will have to spend a few hours that weekend trying to get the damage out yourself. Worst case scenario, you will have to take it in to the shop and have someone else do it. Either way, though, it’s unpleasant.

But at the end of the day – accidents happen. So long as the person responsible fesses up and apologizes, you both can just chalk it up to an unlucky break.

Recently, a Redditor described a particularly annoying incident that happened to his friend. The friend in question saved up for and purchased a Nissan 350Z. One day, he returned to find this note on the vehicle:

Image placeholder title
Image placeholder title

“Bumped your car. Made a small dent but you can probably afford it :)”


As if bumping someone’s car and leaving a fake note isn’t bad enough, the person responsible genuinely assumed that just because someone could afford a nice car, they were automatically so rich that they could just pay to have it fixed with no problems. That’s some sense of entitlement.

Have you ever had someone scratch up your car and leave a fake note?

Source/Photo Credit: Reddit


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