Man Shocked By A Wandering Dog's Tag (Photos)


When a Kentucky man spotted a Labrador wandering around at a local gas station, he decided to be a good Samaritan and return the lost pooch to his owner. After checking the dog's collar, he realized that we was not dealing with the average canine.

On Jan. 17, 19-year-old Tyler Wilson pulled in to refuel at a gas station in Louisville, Kentucky. While standing at the pump, he noticed a precocious dog puttering around the station.

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Naturally concerned, Wilson approached the dog and checked his collar, hoping to figure out where he lived, according to Shareably.

Except that the Labrador's tag did not include an address or a phone number, but a message that the canine knew exactly what he was doing.

"My name is Dew," the collar read. "I am not lost. I like to roam. Tell me to go home."

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Wilson was so tickled by Dew that he decided to take a selfie with the dog peeking above his shoulder in the background.

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It turned out that Dew lived on a nearby farm, where his owners gave him a wide berth to frolic and explore as much as he pleased.

"I smiled so hard my eyes started watering," Wilson told BuzzFeed News. "It was just so cute. It was like a movie. I kinda felt a vibe that he was a really good dog."

Mandey Lee, Dew's owner, noted that the Labrador loves to wander off and socialize despite their farm already covering 70 acres.

"While that seems large, he does like to roam off at times and meet new people," Lee said.

Some of Dew's favorite destinations are the gas station, the local firehouse and even a nearby school. He is apparently a hit in the community.

"The firehouse guys just love him, he has even been on rides with them," Lee said. "The ladies on our street will cook extra steak or hamburgers just to save them for when Dew comes by."

Lee added that her family has taken precautions to ensure that their beloved dog never goes missing during his adventures.

"Fortunately, Dew is chipped and wears a GPS tracker so when his sneaky little self gets out and about, we always know where he is!" Lee told The Dodo. "He just likes to spread the love."

Dew's outgoing habits have made him an internet celebrity. He even has a Twitter handle, presumably managed by his owners. On Feb. 2, his account shared a sweet poem on the subject of wandering.

"Wherever life takes you... no matter how far you roam... your heart will accept it... but will always return home."

Sources: BuzzFeed NewsThe DodoShareably, Dew/Twitter / Photo credit: Tyler Wilson/Shareably

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