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Ice Cream Bar Contained Coupling Nut (Photos)

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Photos posted to Imgur of a coupling nut found inside of an ice cream bar quickly went viral, garnering over a million views in one day.

“There was a coupling nut in my gf’s ice cream,” Redditor Wakawaq wrote along with three photos of an ice cream bar with a metal coupling nut in the middle. The photos showed the nut frozen underneath layers of vanilla ice cream and a chocolate shell.

“Call the company who made it. I wouldn't sue, but I would inform them. This is a serious malfunction,” viewer Induren advised in a comment on Imgur.

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Viewers on Reddit encouraged the man to contact the company that manufactures the ice cream bars and make them aware of the alarming discovery. Many Redditors even made light of the bizarre situation.

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“it will happen, food companies are serious about this crap. I am honestly surprised they do not have metal detectors or have workers that notice missing parts,” R0bbiedigital said. “I used to work for a plant that used zip ties to keep wiring cinched properly. The zip ties were impregnated with metal so that in the event one breaks and falls in the product, metal detectors would see it and kick it out.”

“Send an email to the company with these pictures. BAM free ice cream treats,” MorevilthenYou said.

“Also contact the nut company, and complain you have an icecream in your nut. BAM free coupling nuts,” Smaasel quipped.

What would you do if you found something strange in your ice cream?

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Sources: Reddit, Imgur

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