Man Finds Black Widow Spider Inside Ear (Video)


Startling video surfaced online this week of a black widow spider crawling out of a man’s ear.

The video (below) showed the man from Wenatchee, Washington, using his phone to see inside his ear after he felt a tickling sensation. 

“I was using my phone camera as a way to see into my ear with the light provided... I did not care about recording. What I captured made me wish I was not seeing what I saw... ever!” he wrote after the incident.

In the video, the spider was seen crawling out from the man’s ear, causing him to panic and swat at his face in an attempt to get it out.

“I felt a tickle at first. Thought it was just in my head... then I realized that it was in my head! Yes... I did hear that f***** scratch my insides. I spent over 3 hours rinsing it out, 2 hours right away and one hour in the morning shower,” he said. 

“I swear I still hear it though... damn mind tricks you know? Could not find the spider after swatting my face and ear up, I did look at my legs and body but could not find it so I left the bathroom and turned my bedroom lights on. I was just waiting for what ever it was to get further away from my ear canal to make sure the f***** wouldn’t go back in it. I swear, Re-living it in my mind is more terrifying then when it actually happened.”

Watch the shocking moment below.

Sources: The Telegraph, YouTube

Photo Credit: Screenshot via YouTube


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