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Balloon With Beautiful Card Sent Up In Honor Of Woman's Late Husband Floats Down To Random Man (Photo)

A man was blown away when a balloon floated down from the sky right in front of him and he discovered a card attached to it. The card was not just your average birthday card, though -- it was sent from a woman to her late husband to commemorate what would have been his 56th birthday.

User DocCrowl uploaded photos of the balloon and card to Imgur, and quickly, the post went viral. DocCrowl explains that the balloon floated down in front of him and after reading the card from Elaine to her late husband Dan, he thought he should share it with the world.

“Today, you would have been 56 years old,” the card reads. “Life isn't fair. We should have been able to spend it together, cooking your favorite dinner, birthday cake + presents. We had plans together - a minimum of 50 years of marriage. Retired together - traveling, movies, good times. You worked so hard for your family - I'm so sorry that we lost you - that you went on before me. I miss your hugs - feeling so secure in your arms – like you would take care of me forever."

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“Now I'm totally lost without you,” the beautifully tragic card continues. “The depth of this loss and my grief have barely reached me. I miss you SO MUCH + love you SO MUCH + am lost without you. I just wish you were still here for one more day - one more year. Dan - I am so sorry you had to leave us. Happy birthday Dan. I love you - your wife, Elaine.”

Elaine doesn’t seem to have been identified despite the post going viral, but the photos show that love still exists even after such a tragic loss.

Sources: Independent Journal Review, Imgur / Photo Source: Imgur via DocCrowl


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