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Man Films, Confronts Woman Beating Her 'Autistic' Son (Video)

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As one mother began beating her allegedly autistic child, one onlooker took it upon himself to record her (video below).

The cameraman saw the woman reportedly beating a little boy from down the road, according to Mad World News. In an effort to stop the woman, the man confronted her, which can be heard in video footage of the event.

While some online commenters have argued that the man should have called the cops, he instead decides to chase the mother out of the neighborhood.

In the video, the man also chastises the mom’s friend for simply watching the woman beat the child. Although the mother defends her actions, she eventually takes her kids and leaves.

The conversation between the three is littered with profanity and possibly a description of the woman’s child as “autistic.”

Many took to the Internet to comment on the video as well as the man's intentions.

“I think there’s a good chance that guy was either abused as a kid himself or was around it growing up,” one commenter wrote. “Seems very personal to him.”

To date, the video has been viewed almost 30,000 times. 

Warning: Profanity

Sources: Mad World News, Rare

Photo Credit: Mad World News 


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