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Man Eats Wife's Placenta With Breakfast (Video)

A father in England shocked the world by eating his wife's placenta with beans and toast (video below).

Ross Watson, 32, made a meal out of the organ on Sept. 21, two days after his wife, Heather, 38, gave birth to their son, the Daily Mail reports.

As it was his last child, he believed the birth provided the perfect opportunity to finally try the "edible and nutritious" placenta.

"That's it; about nine months in the cooking and 10 minutes in the eating. Cheers," said Ross.

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His wife, Heather, is not a fan of his experiment.

"She was disgusted but not surprised as it's me," explained Ross. "I have form for crazy things."

Shocking many on the internet, Ross made it into a breakfast and uploaded photos and clips of him eating the organ both raw and cooked.

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"I ate my wife's placenta and cooked it with black pudding, sausages, beans and toast," he said. "It was never intended as a full fry up, more a collection of my favorite parts plus placenta!"

"This isn't as good as the umbilical cord spaghetti, by the way," he adds while eating the actual organ, before continuing, "I think I'll have some beans with that bit. It's definitely better cooked."

Many responded with disgust, calling it "vile" and "horrendous."

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"God above," one Facebook user wrote. "Surely this is borderline f------- cannibalism."

"I don't want to live on this planet anymore," chimed in another.

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Ross remains unfazed.

"I like the shock of some people when the reality is it's not that bad," he said. "And I can say I have done something millions haven't."

While he says found the experience exhilarating, the actual taste of the placenta was a let-down.

"It doesn't taste of much at all really, like having a second tongue," Ross wrote. "I needed the beans to help swallow it down and only managed 4 more mouthfuls after the video ended before my sanity [returned]."

WARNING: Graphic video.

Sources: Daily Mail, YouTube / Photo credit: YouTube, Ross Watson via Daily Mail

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