Man Drives Nearly 250 Miles With Puppy Stuck In His Bumper (Photo)

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A puppy escaped certain death in China after being hit by a car and getting stuck in the bumper. 

The puppy was then stuck there while the car drove for 248 miles. 

The accident occurred in Fenghuang County in China's Hunan Province. The driver, Mr. Zhang, hit the dog and kept driving.

"I was driving pretty quickly at the time so when I hit the dog, I thought it had either died or run away, so I didn't get out of the car to check," he said.

Zhang only suspected something was odd when he began to hear barking coming from his car — after driving a couple hundred miles. 

When he stopped to investigate the noise, he found the dog trapped in his bumper.

Zhang then drove to a vet's office in his hometown — another several miles down the road. There, the dog was found to be unharmed. 

Zhang decided to adopt the puppy, citing fate bringing the two together.

"It escaped from great danger," he said. "This really moved me. This shows my fate with the dog."

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Source: Metro / Photo Credit: Metro


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