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Man Discovers His Wife Cheating, Live Blogs Every Detail Of His Marriage On Reddit

A man who found out that his wife was cheating on him after reading text messages on her phone decided to live-blog the awkward situation.

The scorned husband decided to share his experience with the online community Reddit, under the username MyLifeSuxnow, according to the Daily Mail.

He posted a blow-by-blow account as it happened, including hiring a private investigator to follow his unfaithful wife.

The anonymous blogger’s story began last Friday night when discovered texts from another man on his wife’s phone.

“My wife is cheating on me as evidenced by filthy text messages, I know but she doesn’t know that I do,” he writes in his first post to the TIFU thread (“Today I F***ed Up) on Reddit.

He and his wife, “Jenny,” have been married for eight years. They met when they had both graduated from college, and had never had a major argument with his wife.

But, then he discovered the text messages on his spouse’s phone.

"Second to the top of the list of conversations was a chat with a guy/girl named Zack,” the man wrote. "To my horror, there was sexually explicit talk of what he wanted to do to Jenny. What a filthy beast. I scroll up, and there are multiple nudes from both of them.”

The wronged husband goes on to explain how he stole his wife’s phone and hacked into her email and Facebook accounts.

According to the Daily Mirror, he reveals — in graphic detail — the raunchy conversations that took place between his wife and her lover Zack.

"Should I tell her I know? Should we split and file divorce right away?” he adds. “Goddammit I loved her. I have screenshotted the texts and emailed them to myself. I feel like someone has shot me in the stomach.”

By 6:47 p.m. on Friday, Jan. 16, the unnamed husband says he has found “3 excellent divorce lawyers.” Later that evening, he writes: “Goddammit she’s on her phone texting again in the bathroom. I can hear the send button being pressed over and over. It’s probably nudes and sexy talk. Jesus this hurts.”

The following day, the unidentified man receives real time updates from the private investigator, who gives him access to a camera footage, and manages to take a photo of Jenny kissing Zack outside his house, The Telegraph reports.

“Cheating confirmed,” he writes.

More than 15,000 Reddit users offered the man support and advice on how to handle the situation, much to his appreciation.

“Thank you all for the support these past few days, it has meant a lot to me,” he writes.

Finally, MyLifeSuxNow confronts his wife: “I can't type for more than a minute or two, but it isn't great. Yelling, anger, sadness, crying, a ton of crying, pleading, explaining, contradicting.”

The last update, posted on January 18 at 5.51pm, reads: “A huge part of my life is falling apart around me. I'll find a way to cope.....I can get through this. I'll update as soon as I can.”

Sources: Daily Mail, RedditDaily MirrorThe Telegraph / Photo Credit: Pic BasementÁlvaro Ibáñez/Flickr Creative Commons


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