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Man Discovers Girlfriend Cheating With His Father After Discovering Shocking Texts (Photos)


A man discovered his girlfriend was cheating on him with his father after discovering sexually explicit texts between the two.

The man, who posted a picture on 4Chan of what he claimed to be a conversation between his girlfriend and father, live-blogged his confrontation following the discovery.

“Just found out my girlfriend has been having sex with my Dad. He left his phone at the house while he's at work,” he wrote. 

“All messages discussing how she's his 'dirty little secret.' Nudes and everything, what do I do? I'm broken.”

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The father sent several texts to the woman telling her that he couldn’t stop thinking about her or “last nite.” He encouraged her to send a nude photo, and she obliged. 

A short time later, the 4Chan user posted again saying he had revealed the affair to his mother and was in the process of uploading screenshots of the confrontation with his girlfriend.

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“Im so sorry you know me. You know its not anything,” the girlfriend said after initially denying being involved with his father.

“It was an accident and he pressured me lots. I love you to much please answer me. Talk to me bout it we can get past it.”

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“Your dad is very forward and it didnt mean anything i swear. Anyway i just thought maybe he'd like me more and he was sorta joking with me and it seemed like we could all be ok with it maybe,” she added.

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“I know it's your dad but we both know hes not like normal dads. I'd rather call you. Can you answer me please.”

The devastated boyfriend pressured her to say whether or not she’d cheated with his father, and she eventually confessed directly. 

“It was only once I was waiting for you to get back with [name removed] remember and then your dad just sat next to me and we spoke a bit and stuff and i dont know :(“ she wrote. 

“He kissed me and it was just quite casual i would have told you about it obviously. Your dad isn't like a normal dad. It wasn't for long or anything. I get you will be angry but you cant be to angry you know what its like. We could have just spoken bout it and been casual. Im sorry I know it is bad now what can I do? Im really sorry for everything. You're so important to me its you not him.”

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The girlfriend also denied any responsibility in the affair, saying that she let his father touch her and insisting that he “ask him why he did it” instead of confronting her.

The conclusion of the confrontation is unknown.

Do you think the 4Chan user should have made the situation with his girlfriend and father public, or should it have been kept private?

Sources: Daily Mail, Unilad / Photo credit: Daily Mail, Intel Free Press/Flickr

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