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Man Defends Elderly Trucker As He's Attacked By A Driver With Road Rage (Video)

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A confrontation between an angry driver and the elderly trucker he appears to have attacked was caught on camera (video below).

At the beginning of the video, the cameraman focused in on an enraged driver as he seems to attack the elderly trucker. The man with the camera got out and confronted the attacker.

“Back the f*** off him!” the cameraman shouted.

“Look what he did to my car!” the outraged attacker responded.

The trucker and the angry driver apparently had collided with each other at some point. Both men claimed that the other cut them off while merging.

The two men continued to yell at each other until the cameraman’s friend stepped in to defend the truck driver. As the attacker began to get in the friend’s face, the cameraman jumped to his aid and knocked the man out.

“Leave people alone, you a******!” the cameraman shouted as he focused in on the attacker.

Do you think the cameraman was right to step in and defend the elderly man? Watch the video below.

Warning: Video contains strong language and profanity.

Sources: World Star Hip Hop, YouTube

Photo Credit: Screen Capture Via YouTube


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