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Man Dances Like Michael Jackson In Middle Of Baltimore Riots (Video)

While fires, looting, and vandalism spun out of control on Monday in Baltimore, one man was able to calm a corner of the city by dancing to Michael Jackson's 1982 hit "Beat It."

NBC reporter Shomari Stone filmed Dimitri Reeves dancing in the street during the chaotic night (video below), noted

Another video (below) of Reeves dancing to "Beat It" on top of his truck during the day has also surfaced.

Reeves told that he is a "Michael Jackson tribute artist" and recalled dancing the near the CVS store that was destroyed by rioters:

What happened yesterday is, we saw what was going on, and and we do this all the time, so we thought, “What better time to do this?”…We were right down the street from the CVS, and it was just destroyed. And when it was going on, I wanted to show some positivity to the area, like what James Brown did in Boston [after the death of Martin Luther King]. I wanted to do that because, like, all this flipping cars and lighting things on fire — it’s like, you get mad and me, and then you’re going home and breaking something in your house, because you’re getting mad at me. It made me so sick.

Reeves added that people tried to give him money, which he normally accepts, but turned it down.

He reportedly stopped a group of people from looting because they chose to watch him dance to various Jackson hits.

Reeves danced for about two and a half hours total, which is much shorter than his usual performances that he says go on "for five to seven hours."

Reeves also tweeted this message, "Spread love and peace never violence....."

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Image Credit: YouTube/Shomari Stone Screenshot


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