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Watch: The Mentos-Diet Coke Bath That Has Taken The Internet By Storm (Video)

A YouTube star decided he wanted to cover himself in Mentos and jump into a bath filled with Diet Coke, and while the result itself is pretty lackluster, the Internet seemed to go crazy over this guy’s experiment.

Hajime, a viral sensation from Japan, decided he wanted to see what would happen if he covered his body in Mentos candy and get into a bath filled with Diet Coke. For years, people have been putting Mentos into the popular soft drink to see what would happen, but nobody has gone as far as Hajime did in the now viral clip.

The hype surrounding the video is aplenty, but the results of the actual experiment are fairly anticlimactic. Nothing exciting happens when Hajime steps into the Diet Coke-filled bathtub; the soda starts to fizz and some pours over the side of the tub. There’s no explosion or fantastic display – the Coke just starts to bubble.

Still, the Japanese viral star managed to get millions of views on the videos, and even though the longer one was posted in July 2014, a much shorter one showing just the bath itself was reposted in January, and both have recently blown up online. Check out both the shorter and longer clips of Hajime’s Mentos and Diet Coke bath experiment below.

Sources: WGNTV, People Magazine


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