Man Confronts Fiancee For Cheating In Front Of Her Parents (Video)


A man was captured on video (below) confronting his cheating fiancee in front of her mother and father.

In the video, posted to YouTube, the man reveals that his girlfriend’s birthday is later that week. He shows a photo of the couple looking happy together, explaining that he’d been warned by others that she was known for cheating but that he didn’t listen. 

He goes on to say that he obtained recordings of his fiancee admitting to cheating.

With her parents in the room, the man proceeds to confront her on her unfaithfulness — playing a recording of the woman talking about cheating and letting her mother and father hear it.

He then kicks her out of the house, and she storms away.

The intense confrontation quickly went viral, garnering over a million views on World Star Hip Hop in just three days.

Do you think the man was right to confront his girlfriend in front of her parents? Watch a clip of the tense moment below.

Sources: World Star Hip Hop, YouTube / Photo credit:


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