Man Caught On Camera Knocking Down Woman During Live News Report (Video)

New Yorkers are not particularly known for their kindness and an unidentified man exemplified that when he was caught on camera (video below) deliberately knocking a woman to the ground for no apparent reason.

Fox 5 reporter Stacey Delikat was doing a live report on Friday about the NYPD detective who was reassigned after humiliating an Uber taxi driver when the camera captured something off-putting happening behind her.

A man is seen walking in front of Penn Station in Midtown Manhattan and then a woman appears walking in the opposite direction.

The man then appears to deliberately extend his elbow as the woman passes him, which knocks her to the ground. He then extends his arm as if to imply he was sorry and continues walking away.

The woman was thought to be a Starbucks barista because of the green apron she was wearing. She was not seriously injured, My Fox NY reports.

The news crew at the scene said both of them just walked away.

Source: My Fox NY / Photo Credit: Screenshot from YouTube


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