Man Catches Teen Stealing, Teaches Him A Valuable Lesson He Might Never Forget (Video)

A video (shown below) was posted on YouTube of a man taking a young thief’s punishment into his owns hands with a good old-fashioned belt whooping. By the end of the whooping, he gave the boy his phone number and offered to give him some guidance.

According to the video, a 14-year-old boy stole another man’s pants at the park. The pants reportedly contained the man's wallet and house keys. 

The man was able to catch up to the kid and taught him a lesson he might not soon forget.

In the video, the boy admits to his crime and the man says he tried taking the boy home but he wouldn’t give him his address. He asks the boy one last time if wants to go home or if he wants a whooping. The teenager chooses the latter.

At first, the boy seems indifferent about the punishment. But by the third strike of the belt, the teenager begins to cry and appears to regret his decision.

After about 13 hits, the man asks the boy if he will ever steal again. The boy responds, “No… Never in my life.” But that’s not all.

The man said he thought about taking the boy to the police station but decided not to. He told the boy he doesn’t want him to go to jail.

He then tells the boy to stop crying. He gives him his phone number and tells him he can call him whenever. He tells the boy that he’ll take him to the park and look out for him. He even told the teenager he would help him with his schoolwork.

Sources: Mad World News, YouTube

Photo Credit: Screenshot from YouTube


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