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Man Catches Cheating Girlfriend In Bed With Another Man, Gets It All On Camera (Video)

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An angry boyfriend apparently caught his girlfriend in bed with another man, and got the whole thing — including her indifferent reaction — on video (below).

In the video, the boyfriend begins to walk upstairs with his camera on, explaining that he received a tip from his girlfriend’s roommate that she’d come home with another man after spending the night out.

The boyfriend enters his girlfriend’s room and, just as he suspected, catches her in bed with an unknown man. Remarkably, the girlfriend has virtually no reaction at all to being caught. Both she and her new lover spent the duration of the video completely ignoring the heartbroken boyfriend, barely responding to a word he says.

“Did you know she had a boyfriend?” the furious man asked the man in his girlfriend’s bed. “Well, she has a boyfriend.”

Watch the intense confrontation below.

Warning: Video contains strong language.

Sources: Mirror Online, YouTube

Photo Credit: Screen Capture Via YouTube


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