Watch: Spider Bursts Out Of A Banana (Video)

A disturbing video has surfaced online of a spider bursting out of a banana after seemingly being stuck inside.

The video (shown below) was posted on YouTube and it might ruin bananas for you. The unidentified person recording the footage wrote that he “just wanted to eat a banana” when he noticed something strange.

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The cameraman points to some concerning movements happening from inside the banana skin. The movement becomes so strong that the entire banana moves a little bit.

A small hole appears and two legs can be seen poking out from inside the banana. A couple seconds pass and the hole widens to reveal what was inside: a spider.

The spider pops out of the banana and lands on its back. The video fades to black as the cameraman writes “I ate an apple.”

Some people questioned the authenticity of the footage.

“For those of you take in [sic] by this, for any species to lay it`s [sic] eggs inside another animal, fruit or vegetable it would need an ovipositor or similar to inject the eggs inside its chosen target,” wrote one user. “Spiders do not have ovipositors and lay their eggs on the outside of an object usually covering them with silk to protect them. Spiders would not have the capacity to open the banana skin to get inside the fruit either. So don`t throw your bananas away just check them before you buy and wash them if you are worried about spiders eggs being on them.”

Real or not, the video was enough for some people to cut bananas out of their diets.

“Disgusting. Now I can't eat a banana for a long time,” wrote another user.

Sources:Daily Mail, YouTube

Photo Credit: Daily Mail, Screenshot


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